A few weeks ago, I rented “Julie&Julia”.  And I was inspired.  Not necessarily to cook a whole cookbook in a year, but to do something... like a New Years resolution except one that I would actually be accountable for and keep.  My mind couldn’t stop thinking about it, feeling like there was something there for me to do and ideas swirled.

A few weeks later found me at MOPS.  The topic of the day was getting more organized with your meal planning, shopping, budgeting.  And again I was inspired to do something… So many girls at my table expressed the desire to get more organized, make a meal plan for the week and expand their horizons and try new recipes; however, sometimes having the time or energy to do so makes the task difficult.  I went home that day determined to figure out what it was that kept knocking on my hearts door…

I love cooking.  I’m not gourmet, nor am I fancy.  I just like cooking food… food that tastes good, smells good, doesn’t make me fat and is a dream to eat.  I derive joy from creating something tasty and healthy and that doesn’t burn in the pan.   However, I get tired of cooking the same things over and over.  Hence the solution to my problems came into formation…

Found here for your viewing (and dining) enjoyment:

I have challenged myself to find and implement a brand-new recipe each week.  For you, my faithful reader, I will post the said recipe as well as a review of how it turned out.  If we’re lucky, you and I will have 52!! new recipes to add to our repertoire at years end.

So wish me luck… and welcome to my kitchen!

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    Michele Martinez said,

    Janell, this is just wonderful. You are a delightful writer. Thank you!

    Bon apetit!

    Michele Martinez

    PS My wonderful brother David Lockhart (married with five kids, all between the ages of 12 and 16) just loves to cook and cooks for the family. I will tell him to check this out, because he devours recipes. Thank you!

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